Friday, February 26, 2010

Remember the who????

I don't know if you've seen the upcoming previews, but HOLY MOLY! There is a remake of Clash of the Titans coming out. Clash of the Titans was the first PG movie I ever saw. I remember when the announcer said: "Parental Guidance is suggested," and I was so worried because my parents weren't there to give me permission. I worried and worried. BUT, it was such a corny movie, I was ok in the end.

With that in mind, tell me about your favorite myth or folktale. Is it Zeus and his getting rid of Prometheus after he stole fire? Is it the story of Icarus flying too close to the sun? What about Poseidon causing Odysseus to wander the sea for 10 years. Or maybe, you're more of a folk tale kind of person? Johnny Appleseed? Paul Bunyan? Pecos Bill? (My favorite).

Let me know what your mind runs with.

~Anngela Schroeder

PS I'd have to say Pandora's box. I could never blame her for being curious about what was in the box. It's a woman's choice, you know? :)


  1. One of my favourite myths is from Norse mythology, and revolves around Skadi.
    Skadi was a frost giantess (giants and gods do not get along in Norse mythology) and her father was killed after he stole this magic fruit from the Asgard gods. Skadi, being a daddy's girl, suited up and went down to Asgard to- well, hell has no fury like a woman scorned. In trying to appease Skadi, the gods offered her gold, she refused and said she wanted a god for a husband and somebody to make her laugh. The gods agreed, Loki, the trickster god, made her laugh, while when it came to choosing a husband she could only choose by picking by their feet. She choose the most beautiful, thinking she had ended up with Balder, Odins good looking chap, however she ended up choosing the elderly sea god, Njord. The two had martial problems, they were polar opposites. Njords home on the coast proved too noisy and busy for the icy Skadi (lets face it, seagulls are annoying). Likewise, Skadi's home in Jotunheim (aka Giantville) barren and cold. So they split, he went back to fishing, and she went back to hunting.
    I like this story because unlike a lot of other myths, the woman actually chose her husband as a demand from a hall full of gods. Take that Xena! How scary must you be to be able to tell a bunch of gods how things are gunna go down? That's pretty powerful. Also unlike a lot of other myths it doesn't end badly for the woman. Skadi just continues on with her life- a lot of other myths world over ends up the heroine/central lady figure dying some horrible death or fate.
    I also like norse mythology 'cause of the valkyries...they act like servants at Vahalla, then out on the battle field they go grim-reaper-status. So think Orange County housewives...with spears, swords,'n' shields instead of chiuahahas.

  2. First, I would like to say that I am really looking forward to seeing the remake of Clash of the Titans.

    Anyways, my favorite myth would have to be the one about Achilles. Achilles' mother dipped him in some water that would make him immortal, but she held him by one of his heels. After the movie Troy came out I have really liked this myth because it is interesting to learn about a myth that people have named things after, for example the achilles tendon. I also like Achilles because he was linked to the Trojan War which is a really interesting story.
    -Chris Woodard

  3. My favorite folk tale would be robin hood and his motto "steel from the rich and give to the needy" and i love the spoof about it in the movie "men in tights" i love that movie it is in one of my top ten most hilarious movies alongside monty lython and the holy grail. And thats my other favorite folk tale those two are my most favorite stories of them all. If i could i would live like that but our society depends on reason and logic and i cant really do that if no one else does i will just look wierd.

  4. Well first of all i just want to say that i like more of the mysterious kind. My grandparents would always tell my the story of Bloody Mary. I would always be frightened, but i love to hear them tell it to me. I would ask so many question," but why", "how", i guess they also like to scared my and my curiosity. Bloody Mary has always a tradition that is told in my family.
    ana segoviano p.4

  5. does snow white count?
    i like snow white. i think its a very cute story and i like all of the little animals and stuff. my favorite is prince charming.
    i also like big foot and el chupawhatever thing that eats goats. the lockness monster. i like those weird creepy stories. and like the concept of dragons and stuff. :)

  6. I am so looking forward to that film. I do love mythology.