Friday, February 5, 2010

The Obvious...

All week I've been asking questions about literature and characters. Well, today, I've got to go with the obvious topic...

Who do you like in the Superbowl? My pick?

Peyton's Colts-35, Bush's Saints- 32

GO COLTS!!!!!!


  1. Im with you Schro! Im a Colts Fan!! :) This is because they have Peyton Manning. One of the best quaterbacks. Their offense is able to consistently move the ball down the field. Their defense is good and is able to stop the run! Colts are deffinetly going to win the superbowl!! :)

  2. I don't like or dislike either team because I am not a football person. My dad likes football, but the only team that I know of that he likes are the 49ers. Because he likes the 49ers, our grandma buys 49ers clothes for us every year so we have a collection of red sweaters and shirts with gold lettering. The reason I don't enjoy football is partially because I think it a bore to sit down and watch people playing a sport when I could be playing myself, and also because my mom does not like football and she is a very influential voice in our family.

  3. I definitely have to go with the colts. I think that Peyton Manning is a great quarterback and team captain. I remember hearing that he was the one who gives the team their halftime talk and makes team adjustments. To me, this shows just how good a captain that he is. I also think that Drew Brees is somewhat unreliable and might be nervous during the game. GO COLTS!!!

  4. I'm not a real fanatic football person. I basically never seem to understand the concept, i only know if they are winning or not. Yet, my uncle is a football fan, he says that the Colts will take this one. He says that because they have a great player which is,Peyton Manning. Will see who really dominates the football field.

  5. I don't watch football. I don't even know which teams are going to be competing for the Superbowl. Shoot, I don't even think I know two football teams. All I know is that I have to work through the Superbowl, which is going to get busy. Pretty neat stuff.

  6. It is definetly the colts.The saints couldnt even hold on to the football when they were playing the vikings a couple weeks ago. And the colts have had a really awesome season. On sunday i bet that the colts will spot the saints about fifteen points in the first half and at the two minute warning of the first half the colts will start to get it all back. The colts will most likely win about 32 to maybe 17 for the final score.

    Joshua Lawler

  7. Jacob Farrar

    I don't ever watch football so honestly I can't tell you who my favorite player is becuse I have nonclue who anyone is. I guess I would look for a player that overall plays well and is also exiting to watch.

  8. It sounds like most of my followers are brilliant!!! Peyton Manning is for sure going to take this one! :)

    Before I ever married my husband, I grew up with 3 great brothers, so I have ALWAYS loved football. It's the strategy for me; it's like a puzzle that you're constantly trying to fit all the pieces together. BUT, you have so many variables--is someone injured, sick, having trouble at home, not playing up to his potential.

    Austin, Melodie, Jacob, and Ana...we will do our best to bring you into the occult of football fans.

    We'll see what happens on Sunday. GO COLTS!!!!!

  9. I got Colts 34-28. Peyton Manning is to good for a avaerage saints defense. He is going to expose the matchup problems the saints have againts the Colts 3 wide receiver sets. Also I believe the Colts defense is going to get a pivatol turnover late.
    John Owning

  10. I appreciate your incite, John. I also appreciate that although your log in is 'bigcowboyfan113" you're able to see how good another team is. I can't stand it when people won't accept that any other team could be good, if it's not their team. Drives me crazy! :)