Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Over the years, I've learned a few things about writing: Maintain the same verb tense throughout your story; make the characters appealing; Know your audience. However, one thing that I've focused on recently is fear. Every character needs to have a weakness to make them more realistic. Whether it's a fear of heights, fear of snakes, or fear of commitment [ :) ], we all fear something, even the seemingly bravest of us.

SO, what's your fear? What makes you recoil? Me? I'm afraid of most dogs. Attacked when I was little. That, and I have slight claustrophobia tendencies. What about you?

Can't wait to hear from you,

~Anngela Schroeder


  1. I Can gladly say, fear does not control my thoughts. The way i see it, Fear is a state of knowledge. And in my knowledge, fear is not necessary. therefore, i fear nothing. Some people may say i'm "B-sing" But i'm not. Though i could say i fear losing all close to me, but i don't fear it. It will happen. I know that, so i have no reason to fear it. If i'm walking in a pitch black room and i have no idea whats there, there is a chance that something could happen, but i have no reason to worry about it. something always happens. good or bad. There are things i'm nervous about happening, or i don't want them to happen because it will hurt me (physically\emotionally) but i do not fear them.

    Hope this was worth Reading :)
    See you when you get back
    ~ John Skinner

  2. Spiders. Especially spiders bigger than a quarter and are fuzzy. I have no idea why, I have had no traumatic experiences with them, (I've been chased by roosters and a gaggle of geese, but I just dislike 'em...fry up their cousins to get revenge). However, when it comes to spiders, and the knowledge that chances are: it's not a poisonous one, theres a million and one ways I can kill it without skin-to-spider-contact, and overall size difference. Unfortunately, spiders have some sort of weird magic that make my logic wires in my brain just fry, so I am incapacitated to do anything other than yell: "Big brothers! Come save darling little sister!".

  3. John, Very insightful. I enjoy reading your posts. I think that's a great outlook, one I wish I could emulate.

    Aussie, I think I remember something about your aracnaphobia. Would your big brothers truly run to save their darling little sis? I hope so! :)

  4. I have one real fear. Needles scare me. It is because of that fact that I give blood. I will drive way out of my way to go give blood, simply to prove to myself that I can conquer my fears no problem. Not going to lie, first time I gave blood, I came extremely close to fainting. Second time I gave blood I came close to fainting again. Needles still scare me, and I still give blood. I don't almost faint anymore, which is nice.

  5. I have a boring one. I'm afraid of spiders. But not only spiders...I am afraid of all bugs in general. For no real reason i guess. I'm not afraid they are going to bite me or anything. They just gross me out. Same with worms. haha :p

  6. I have a few minor fears like spiders but there is one for me that really scares me. On the way to pick up my little brother, Brandon, we have to drive on a road by a big river. There is no fence between the water and the road! I always am freaked out that the car could so easily go into the water. I do not want to die by drowning or even come close to it! I've got this fear of water when it's in nature. I don't mind swimming pools but rivers, lakes, ponds, the ocean.... Its too unpredictable! So that always scares me a bit.

    Love Haley

  7. Not to sound weird or anything, but I think I fear what's to come of me when I die the most. I'm afraid I wont be able to see the people I love ever again. I'm afraid of whether or not there is such thing as heaven or hell, god or satan. I've never been very religious. It just doesn't make much sense to me, but I do think about it a lot. I'm afraid that there's no meaning to life. Just every aspect of death and afterlife scares the crap out of me. And the fact that its inevitable almost makes me sick to my stomach.

  8. Jacob Farrar
    OMG I am deathly afride of two things. 1 moscito miskito iono how you spell it anyway Miskito hawks. Miskito hawks are just gigantic and just want to land on me and aganise me. I absolutly hate those buggers. The second would be pryingmatises. ( y are all the animles I hate have weird hard to spell names?).
    Those things are little bugged eye, flying , camo bugs of fear. I ussaly hate all bug things but snakes and other stuff don't bother me becuse I grew up in the country and me and my brother would run around bearfoot in a feild and find a bunch of snakes.

  9. Well i think i sort of have a fear of committement, and somtimes i am afraid of change. Truthfully i had to think about what i am afraid of because lately i havent been scared about anything except about the senior project. Really i have just been worrying, i havent been afraid but i have been worried and i dont know if thats the same thing or not. But i am afraid of life moving too fast and if i am living it to the fullest or not that is what really scares me.

  10. Well, I really try to not let fears rule my life but my very largest fear is being buried alive. I have told all of my family that i would like to be buried with a bell or walkie talkie. I definitely want to be buried with this because i want to be able to communicate with the world in case i am still alive. This is just a reassurance for me in case i do actually wake up after i am buried. i know that it sounds crazy but I had a crazy dream that this happened and since then i have wanted to be buried with some kind of communication device.