Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Friend or Foe...

Every now and then we read a book or watch a movie where the villain makes the story what it is. What would Star Wars be without Darth Vader? Pride and Prejudice without Wickham? The Great Gatsby without Tom Buchanan?

What is your favorite Villian? WHo makes the story for you?

Can't wait to hear your answer. :)



  1. In a couple of my most favorite movies like the matrix and the lord of the rings, the villains would be the agent smith, in the matrix. And in the lord of the rings Saudran was the villain and his eye was really creepy. They played really big roles in the movies. I think that the villain makes the movie because they want to know howthe hero will make their come back against the vilains plot.

  2. My favorite villain would have to be hook in Peter Pan. Without Hook in this almost perfect world of neverland it would be a dull story. Hook makes the story a bit more suspenseful especially when he captured tinker bell. She is probably my favorite character cause you know she really likes Peter Pan, but she tries to mother him too much in a sense. She cares for Peter Pan, but he would never see how she is jealous of Wendy. Overall though Hook makes the story a bit more fun!

  3. I am going to have to say Lucille La Verne as the voice of The Queen/Witch - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Just the fact that she wants to get rid of snow white. That is just frightening and suspenseful. And when she transforms into that old lady, how scary. She just makes the movie seem scary, yet wondering, of what she will do next. Snow white being so calm and goodhearted, and facing this terrible queen/witch, dramatic.
    ana segoviano p.4

  4. Every time I hear "villan". . my mind goes straight to The Joker. I think Heath Ledger was the best Joker yet. He plays the part of the joker so well. My favorite part is when he talks about his fater. I don't think the movie would have been the same without him. Just talking about it makes me want to go watch it! :)

    Crystal Rodriguez