Monday, February 22, 2010

Exercising Your Mind...

What challenges you? There are things that I love doing that truly hurt my brain: Organizing events, crossword puzzles, reading my old college textbooks. However, even though they hurt my brain, I love the challenge of accomplishing something that is mentally stimulating.

So, what challenges you? Is it Math? Work? your Senior Project?

Can't wait to hear from you,

~Anngela Schroeder


  1. Things that challenge me:
    -Math. Hence two years minimum. No-more. Yay.
    -American slang (biscuits and gravy do not sound good together to an Aussie.)
    -"Standardized" measurement. How's it standardized when the rest of the world doesn't use it? And how does water freeze at 32 degrees?!
    -Grammar. Grammar; are hard.
    -Realistic people...hence why I cartoon.
    -Myst III. Beautiful video game lay out/designs. No idea what I'm supposed to be doing's all puzzly and no instructions.
    -Romance languages; French and Spanish= very difficult (San Joaquin was San Jo-quin to me up until last year)...strangely no issues with German and English...oh and "Th" and "F" I pretty much pronounce 'em the same.
    Ok I think that's a good list for now...I got voices in my head telling me I need to write now.
    -Camille "Are you really reading this?" Arnaud

  2. What challenges me is Competition. If i know for a fact that i am really good in/at something or can beat someone i know for sure. I will want to show them that i can win. I know that sounds completly all about me, but i never do something that i would feel weird in or not good enough in, if i wanted to compete. Another thing that challenges me is school. Im always at a constant battle to learn to the fullest, and go above and beyond. Deep down i know im lazy but when it comes to school, i always have to do my work. It isn't that school is a hard callenge for me but something that challenges me to do better.

  3. Things that challenge me...
    I would definitely have to say that one of the biggest things that challenges me is the Moron Test on my friend's phone. Don't get me wrong, i can definitely get through the whole thing with no problem but the little timer in the corner messes me up. I am definitely one of the most competitive people i know and i mess up whenever i try to beat the high score. I will be going and get mixed up which picture i need to hit next and after QUICKLY looking at the directions, will hit the one that looks most likely. This is great until my mind is so jumbled that i cant remember which button to hit next. This frustrates me and i try to go even faster because i know that i am losing time. This is one game that definitely challenges me. LOL

  4. Things that definitely challenge me, but I love doing, are things like playing sudoku, babysitting, and many other activities. I enjoy trying to finish a puzzle without any help from anyone. Taking care of children can be challenging at times especially when its twins, but I love spending time with them and watching them grow up. Another activity that is hard but so worth it is just being there for friends and the reason I say its hard is sometimes you just don't know what to tell the person or there really isn't anything you can tell them to help them through a situation. What makes it rewarding for being there for your friends is knowing you have made an impact on their life and knowing that they have also impacted your life and taught you something greater that could never come from just being friends. Actually being there for a friend has a total different impact than just being friends if that makes any sense at all.

  5. I have to agree with a couple of them because some things that definatley challenge me would have to be the game of suduko and kakuro as well as the moran test. i really dont undertand hoe the moran test should be challenging but it is and well as far as soduko i guess i can say its more of game you need to really concentrarte in. kakuro is one of my favorites because its really challenging.It is something like soduko but math involved.I alwasy seem to fin myself very entertained and challenged with those games.
    Fabiola Gonzalez Corona p.4

  6. I would have to say that the things that challenge me are like playing thinking games. But the fact that i know that im being challenged well i love it. Sometimes i feel that is too hard for me to even try playing, yet i find it intresting knowing that i am being challenged. That also happens with several homeworks that i have for my classes especially math and government, it requires you to think. But the fact that i know that i can do somethime sometimes helps me alot.
    Ana Segoviano p.4

  7. I of the things that challenges me most is English class.j/k thats pretty easy.What I find to be very challenging is going to track practice when i have very bad allergies.Its very difficult and exhausting without exercising.Just thing how it is after running acouple miles.Not so easy. But I know there are more challenging things in the world so i'll stop complaining:) (steff E per.5)

  8. There are many things that challenge me like puzzles, but the most fun of challenges would be the challengesin the carreer that i chose to do my senior project on, which is basically computer programming but with a little more complications or challenges involved. Computer programming takes time but it is always fun to see your finished project after spending so much time to finish it.

  9. Yes, Camille, I read your posts.

    I'm curious that a few of you put Soduko. I've never played it, but have heard about it.

    -I'm also a very competitive person too and know that any challenge, academic or physical, would be my focus as long as it needed to be.

  10. Two big things that challenge me, but I still love to do them.
    -Running: I ask myself why I am doing it during it, but after I feel great!
    -Organizing (Especially Community Events): I tend to get to carried away with it sometimes, but I love the feeling of seeing the final result.

    Crystal Yvonne Rodriguez

  11. Im not challenged by many things but there a a couple that stick out. First is Calculus, that class is very hard and sometimes my head hurts afterward. Another thing that challenges me learning muay thai kickboxing. I wanted to try it so i had something to do when i was doing jiu-jitsu. SO i go in and I find out it is just as hard as jiu-jitsu but more taxing on your body. I routinely get bloody lips and bruises on my bodies from gettting my butt kicked.

  12. Things that challenge me are sudoku, being quiet, and babysitting my cousins children overnight. Sudoku is a great ind exercise that really makes you sit and concentrate. I like doing them for the challenge, so I will only do them if they are hard. The easy puzzles don't work your mind as much. Being quiet is especially challenging for me because I am naturally loud, and I generally always have an opinion about everything. Babysitting alone is difficult, but when it's overnight it's even harder. One of the girls is only 5 months old and she doesn't sleep through the night. I constantly have to get up with her and put her back to sleep. I am a person who likes my sleep, so that is very challenging for me because I just want to roll over and go back to sleep.

  13. Jacob FarrAr
    what chalenges me is adavced engeniring. All of the schools engendering classes are super easy to me and I alwase pass with 105% but me and a kid named DJ work on a robot for Gtech for FTC. We build a 18x18x18 robot in inches for a challenge that changes each year. This yearned have to pick up whifil balls of the ground and get them into any three scoring units. One iS 1 inch off the ground and counts for 1 point. One is 36 inches off the ground and is worth 5 points. The last is 5 ft out of the playing feild and counts for 10 points. The problem is that there is like a 100 page rule book and to acculy score the 5and 10 point shots takes alot of creativity and physics. We work on this thing constantly and Ima Hanna hav to show u some pics. Anyway our final compitionon this tmmr(staurday) so go galt!!

  14. I also have spelling chanlanges but Robtics and Physics are way harder