Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Well, last night was a little rough. I started to finalize the copy on a chapter after it was edited, and realized I wasn't happy with it at all. Instead, I went back and deleted almost the entire chapter and started over again. :-( BUT, if it's not perfect, it's not worth it, right?

Well, changing things around made me think of favorites...favorite, teams, favorite movies, favorite books. So, today, tell me who your favorite characters from a book are. Are you an Elizabeth Bennett fan? How about John Proctor? Maybe Jay Gatsby? Or even Shylock from the Merchant of Venice.

Can't wait to hear from you! :)


Oh yea, I'm an Elizabeth Bennett, Anne Shirley fan! <3


  1. My favorite character(s) from a book(s) would have to be Ella, from Ella Enchanted. She is smart and bright, and very strong. Ella is suborn in her ideas and is seen as hard working and lovable. Another one of my favorite character's would have to be Harry Potter. He is extremly brave and always brings excitement to the story, along with his best friends, Ron and Hermione. The three characters have such a good relationship in the story as friends, that it brings the story to life, and their emotions seem realistic. :)

  2. oh forgot to put
    hannah engebretsen period 5

  3. Well my favorite characters are pretty small because i havent really read too many books, other than the ones that have been required of me in school throughout the years. Well i do like Jay Gatsby in the great gatsby book that we read last year, and a book that i have read recently i like a character whos name is Bobby Pendragon in the series Pendragon. This book is basically a sci fi which involves alternate demension with alternate problems whose doors are hidden throughout the world.And Elizabeth Bennet is a good character in the pride and prejudice.

    Joshua Lawler

  4. In books you find a variety of characters; the hero, the damsel in distress, the unloving step parents, foil characters, the list could go on. If I myself were a character in a book, I think as a teen girl of course I would want to be the damsel in distress. That's what most girls long for is a hero in there life right? I think of the book "If I tell you I love you, then I'd have to kill you", its a great book with the main character being this girl in a secret service sort of deal. She falls for this boy, but can't tell him what her life truly entails. Though she is not much of a damsel in distress working for this company, but deep in her heart she longs for someone to come along and save her from her loneliness. The book doesn't really point out her inner struggles, but if you put yourself in her shoes and just see the life she lives its clear. She falls in love with a guy and she can't even tell him. Every girl longs to feel loved and yet she can't even tell him. Much of the time I feel like this girl, in a sense that the way you feel about someone can't be told. They can't know about your struggles and in a sense a wall is put up, but a longing for a hero remains.

  5. Jacob Farrar :(

    Omg I am having so much trouble
    posting these comments and they keep deleting on me :((((( like my 3ed time re retyping this. Anyway I like the book and the charactors from lots of the flys. I like how it realates to the type of ideas I have and how it Linda tells of history. I like the main charactors Ralph and how he trys to tale leadership when they crashes on the island. It reminds me alot of when me and my bro would build forts and pretend we were stranded somewhere and had to come up with our new ways on how to do thinGs.

    I guys Ila be fujistory intill I go on my computer a do some things. Too hard to do it while I am on my phone in math class.

  6. My fave. characters would definately be Daniel Quilp and Richard Swiveller, both from Charles Dickens "The Old Curiosity Shop". Daniel Quilp, is my love-to-hate character- a good book has a good villian, and Quilp is a great villian. He is a manipulative, evil little so-and-so who causes misery throughout the entire book for his own gain, or just for amusement. The only person he doesn't do this to is Sally Brass, his lawyers' sister (although it's hinted he fathered a child out of wed lock with her, but that is a whole 'nother bit). The other, Dick Swiveller is just an absolute joy to read about, he is your typical Victorian rake, dragged into the plot with the promise of money. He also has a whole little change of character deal going on, however; he maintains his humour throughout the story. Making a mental note to turn a "rival's" market garden into a brick field when he has the money, as well as referring to Sally Brass as a dragon, and complaining how old people cannot be trusted (himself waiting for his aunt to kick the bucket so he can have her money to pay off his numerous debts). He's just one of those fun characters who made the book my fave.

  7. I can't say that I have any truly favorite characters. I have read many books with memorable characters, but not many with characters I just fell in love with. I guess my favorite character is Becky Bloomwood in Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic series. She seems so disfunctional and yet she has a quirky way of brushing things off and realizing that there's always tomorrow. I think I like her so much because, for a woman, she's very relatable. Becky loves shopping, and she loves love. It's almost like nothing can discourage her from finding the things she wants out of life. She's a free bird (with huge amounts of debt).

  8. I have to say that i don't really have any set favorite characters. I usually have favorites in each book and can't keep track of them all. Instead of telling you who they are, I'm going to tell you what makes these characters stand out to me. I notice the quietly strong characters the most. These characters are usually the ones that don't say much but are there for the other characters when they are needed the most. These characters stand out to me because i think they are the backbone of the story. They are the ones who keep me interested and involved in the story.

  9. My favorite character from a book would have to be Rapanzul from The Princess School series. Rapanzul is a tough princess who plays around with princes and likes to get dirty. I like her because she reminds me of me to an extent. She doesn't show fear or pain and doesn't allow anyone to tease her. She is confident of herself and dislikes snobby girls who think they are perfect. She respects others and is respected. She stands up for her friends and lifts them up when they are down. Rapanzul makes the stories interesting.

  10. I dont have a favorite charaters. I basically just seem to like them when reading the book. But reading different kinds of books, i have catched that i am more intersted in charaters that are the ones who change the turn out of the story. I enjoy just reading distinct perspectives of books, which i can understand better the way characters feel and act.

  11. My favorite charecter from a book would have to be Harry Potter. I know it makes me seem like a nerd but The Harry Potter series are the only books I've really read. I like how he goes through the obstacles to get what he wants and they are great books. Harry Potter is my favorite book charecter.
    John Owning