Thursday, February 11, 2010


I got into a great discussion with a student today about how our society is losing their ability to communicate interpersonally. We are so focused on e-mails, texts, facebook, IM's; video games, movies, and youtube, that we are unable to effectively communicate. I have students that can't stay awake in my class because they're up until 3am playing World of Warcraft or Halo. I know people whose spouses are my age that have no more relationship with their partner because their spouse wants to live in this 'gaming' world that they have created, and not reality.

What do you think? Do you think this is a problem, or is it not as big a deal as I think?

~Anngela Schroeder


  1. I think that not communicating is a big problem. How else are you going to meet real people? How are you going to get to know a person without seeing them face to face and communicating with them? People are going to have a lot more emotional problems then they already have if you can't look them in the face and kind of guess what they are trying to tell you. No one can express how they actually feel through just words, it's hard. Facial expressions and voice have a lot to do with how a message comes out. How would you know if they truly mean something or not without looking at their expressions? It's not possible. This is something serious.

  2. I totally agree that this is a problem. I feel that communication between two individuals is the most important thing in a society. Having to just play video games, or live in the world of sports, isn't fair for the other person, like in a relationship. Because they wouldn't have time to spend with each other because of their "gaming time".
    Ana Segoviano p.4

  3. Yes i think that this a real problem for our society, because some kids are too afraid to even talk to anyone that instead of sucking it up they would rather text that person rather than talk to them face to face. I know some kids who would automatically get quiet when someone they dont know starts to talk to them. It is very coward like and they should get out of their comfort zones and talk to people they dont know, mainly for guys they should suck it up and talk to the girls that they like.

  4. I think the biggest problem is that we have no face to face communication. Ive heard countless stories from my dad about houw my generation are so lazy and dont know how to hold a conversation. I have noticed to that people that talk a lot onn the internet but are very shy in person. That is a huge problem for our soceity.

  5. Schroeder it's like anything that us humans create. We have a natural tendency to lover everything we can create or that which will make our lives easier. The same thing was said when the electric iron was invented. But due to the discipline the era in which it was created, women found that although they finished their clothes quicker, that only meant that they could do other chores and as an effect women spent countless more hours in the house cleaning. It ultimately led to the same effect, people (women) being unable to communicate effectively. We humans think very bizarrely. I think gaming, well, the ability to access the network of human "intelligence" instantaneously is just one of those things we need to learn to moderate. The World Wide Web is exactly what the name implies, an artificial network of human existence, that is, an enormous brain that we can access at any time. It in a sense sounds Ideal, we humans muddle things up and distract ourselves from the betterment of the human race as a whole.