Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I'm working on my book right now and started to reflect back on the idea and how it came to me. My story is about a present day family in France that believes they are the descendants of a child by Guinevere and Lancelot. There is a huge mystery involved and artifacts from Camelot (of course). The story began with a 'What If..." question as I was falling asleep one night. "What if I could change the ending of King Arthur's fable?" Actually, there was a little more to it than that, but that was the main idea.

SO, tell me...if you could change the ending/outcome of one book or story, what would it be? What would you change it to? Be descriptive. I'm curious... :)

Can't wait to hear from you,


  1. If I could change the ending to one story it would be Amy Tan's "The Joy Luck Club", while an overall favourite of mine (Tan has such a wonderfully-fantastic way of discribing the joys,woes, and challenges of mother-daughter relationships and of going from one country to another which both seem like different worlds). However; the ending of the overall story seems to be rather lacking, it simply has the main character, Jing Mei Woo, go to China to meet her two half sisters. How the trip went, or what her sisters were like is unknown. And I really want to know! Were they similar to Jing Mei's mother? Did they get along? Did they teach other anything- about life, culture, their mother's past- which is a bit of a puzzle etc.? All these things that Tan could of quite easily gotten another book out of.
    -Camille "Only checking :P" Arnaud.
    -P.S I know this is an earlier post, but I would also live in Vicky- England (before being deported to Oz for something mundane) and I would totally stalk Dickens. so I may learn the skills of writing actual literature instead of entertainment.
    I would also get a top hat and sword-cane...but that's another post.

  2. Well you know in some books or movies the ending does turn out as good as you would like it to, im one of those guys that likes a good ending where everything goes back to normal when everything is over. In the frankenstein book the creature and Victor die in the end, i think the story should end where victors wife and him live a very fullfilling life, but before they got married victor gave the creature his companion that looked just as bad as he does and that way no one else had to die, and victor wont see them ever again.
    Joshua Lawler

  3. I'm not a big reader but i did read this one book named Speak.I thought it was a pretty good book. In the end the girl just kinda got over her problem and that was that. I was sort of bumed because i thoght she would get a scholarship in art or something. Not just have her art teacher tell her "good job".(steff per.5)

  4. If I could change the ending of one story, it would be of the Senior Project Paper Austin Began to Procrastinate On. It goes something like this.. "It was 4:13 on February 25th, and Austin was relaxing just as normal. He knew there was something he needed to do, he just didn't feel like doing it at that moment. He had been meaning to start it since the previous Saturday. Unfortunately, Austin decided it was a good idea to procrastinate. So he spent his time playing on his Nintendo DS and mindlessly wandering the internet, ignoring the task that needed to be done. So, there he was, at 4:13, the day before he had to turn in the next set of the Senior Project paper and still not started on the most important essay of his career at Galt High School." I'd change the ending of "So, there he was, at 4:13 and still no started on the most important essay of his career at Galt High School. Just then, as if by magic, 3 sources appeared in the tabs of his internet browser, as well as a fully constructed outline in Microsoft Word that defined a PC Technician's job to the most full extent possible. Austin was then about to write the paper, when notecards appeared on his desk with 5 facts from each of the sources. By the time he looked back up at the screen, a full 10 page senior project paper that met all the requirements had appeared written on his computer, as well as a video of him job shadowing an actual PC Technician, and a powerpoint presentation." That would be pretty rad way to end that story.

  5. I don't read many books with only on story, I enjoy reading books with a variety of stories that connect. If I could change the ending to one of the stories, well I would have to go back in time and change the facts. However, I read a real life story, about a girl who converted from Muslim to Christianity. Her father and uncle I believe it was were angered by this and they threw chemicals on her. She had massive burns across her chest and face. Unfortunately this still happens today, but she goes and meets the writer of the book she is actually in. The writer is blind and she tells the writer her story and it was just so amazing how they could relate to one another. If I could change the ending though, it would be that this story would actually speak to those who are abusing others for changing religions and see that its wrong. If the ending would have been, "and through this her father and uncle apologized and started an organization for people abused and persecuted for what they believe. The organization saved thousands of lives." that ending would be amazing, but in reality some people unfortunately wont ever see what they are doing as evil.

  6. Well i think i would change the ending of 'Dear John'.I know the whole part of the Dear John book is because of the Dear John letter, and its ment to be a break up/going seperate way letter. And the book wouldnt be how good it really is by changing the ending of the storyline. Even though i would have loved if John and Savannah did end up together, i still wouldnt change that part of the ending. While reading the book, the whole time, i just thought, i hope they end up together, and live happily ever after. But in the end i realized the story is perfect the way it is and there are reasons why the outcome happens that way. So if i could change one part of the book 'Dear John', I would make it so John's father does not pass away. This is so John can have at least someone left in his life that he cares about, and the ending isnt so sad and depressing for him. The readers all feel sorry for what John has gone through and endured.

  7. - Camille, you crack me up!
    -Josh, I'm impressed that Frankenstein hit you like that. I've often thought that a book from Ernest's perspective would be good too. But, I agree. I want Elizabeth to end up alive and the creature to have some happiness.
    -Steph, I HATE it when a book is a disappointment in the end. It's like, you've invested SO MUCH TIME, and that's how it ends? I know what you're saying.
    -Commodore- You are a stinkin riot! Seriously, I laughed SO HARD. I hope ALL your dreams come true with the end of your story. :)
    -Emily, that sounds so powerful.
    -Hannah, The only Nicholas Sparks story I'm familiar with is 'THe Notebook.' However, I know that his endings can be very emotional.

  8. If I could change one ending of a story it would have to be the ending the Sopronos. That was the worst ending with just the black screen. Personally, I would have had something cool end it like a shootout and Tony getting busted by the cops. I would have wanted something exciting

  9. If i could change an ending of a story, i would change the story, A Walk to Remember. I would somehow change the whole plot of Jamie being sick of cancer. That somehow the cancer was killed and that she survived. That they were married and had children, and that they lived happily ever after.I guess i just don't like reading books that have a sad and depressing ending. I like books that are joyful and end happily.
    ana segoviano per.4

  10. Jacob Farrar
    if I could change the end of anybook the first thing thy pops in my head is Enders Game. I love the beginning and middle becuse it kept you reading but when it got ro the end I lost interest and it looked like a totaly diffrent book. What I would do is when Ender was fighting the suprise war from his gaming pad i would have made it so Ender would have found out that he was in a real battle then showed the struggle of pressed he would have faced. I would then make it so he won the battle barly but unordered
    to do that he had to make a very challenging task. Then I would have shown him being flown back to earth and living happly ever after. The ending of the real book was just a blerr to be becuse I lost hope in it so I just wish the writer was more spoiling to 9th graders

  11. One movie that i would really like to change the ending of is the Replacements. This movie really annoys me because the football players end up doing just as well as the professional players. I wish the Replacement players had been kept on the team roster and then have the team owner fire all the greedy professional players that went on "strike" so they could get better pay. They play in the freaking NFL!It can't be too bad! On an unrelated note: i TOTALLY agree with Austin's ending and i wouldn't be dissapointed if his story came and took place at my house.

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