Thursday, February 25, 2010


History repeats itself, is a term that we've all heard during our lives. And, the strange thing is, that it really does. With that in mind comes the idea of repetition: repetition of plots, types of characters, and basic endings. So...what do you think was the best sequel of all times? Books or movies are eligible for discussion.

Can't wait to hear your thoughts,


PS Mine would have to be any of the books from the "Anne of Green Gables" series. I loved them growing up, and the continuation of the story makes me love ANne Shirley more and more.
Movies, I'd have to say "Indiana Jones and the Quest for the Holy Grail." Epic!


  1. Well of course for me i have to say a movie because i dont read alot and nowadays movies are the only entertainment most people get. The movie TRANSFORMERS had a really awesome sequel and Pirates of the Carribean had a few good sequels to. But the two main movies that me and my mom watch when we r home alone would be the sequels to lord of the rings and the matrix. I dont really know if they are considered sequels or series that might not be the response you were looking for.

  2. The best sequal of all times is Rush Hour 2. That movie is in my top 5 of all time. I still watch it and I still laugh hard. It built on Rush Hour very well and continued the storylines. Rush Hour 2 is my favorite sequal.

  3. Well so far, everyone has stated their 'Favorite' Sequel. Your Question was" what do you think was the best sequel of all times?' So i'll first answer by saying the one of the greatest sequels of all time is the Star Wars Trilogy. Hands down. Weather or not you ( anyone reading this, not just Mrs. Schroeder) saw the sequel it is considered the greatest sequel of all time. Other Great Movie sequels would be ' The Lord of The Rings ', The 'Rocky ' sequel, The Godfather, Indiana Jones( as you stated ), Terminator, X-men, Batman, Spider-Man, Etc... There are so many great movie sequels out there it is unbelieveable. And has made quite a few people rather wealthy.

    Now i'll answer my favorite sequel. Everyone knows what Halo is. And for anyone who doesn't know, it's a game series. There are 6 games in the series making a pretty awesome sequel. Anyway, were not talking about games. But beyond popular belief, there are also Halo books. There are a total of 7 out as of now and i have 5. So my favorite book sequel is the Halo Sequel. Simply because it's.. What's the word... EPIC! i love it so much... story line, plot, characters, and everything else.

    P.S. When do the extra credit points that are accumulated by the posts on here added to our grades. Just wondering. ( not that i need the points anyway... I've got a 99.7% in your class) >:D

    ~John Skinner

  4. I typically do not like sequels...mainly cuz it leads to a series, and I find most series to be the same thing with a different title slapped on...(I'm a "just end it and kill the villian/magical plot-ending device here" type of girl...).
    So sequel I actually do like...definately, The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien, it took a seemingly minor event from the prior book, The Hobbit, and turned it into this giant epic battle between good and evil, that had this world almost ripped in half. Except for The Shire, which has magical "small-town-nothing-happens" powers.
    It also focused on new characters instead of just the old ones. Bilbo was great. He saddens me by killing Smaug though. Poor treasure-hoarding-fire-breathing-dragon...oh and come on, Gollum/Smeagal, he's a "special" little guy.
    -Camille "Rights for Dragons" Arnaud

  5. I don't really know a lot about sequels, yet i have to agree with Mrs. Schroeder about the movie Indiana Jones. Basically they all have a great plot in them. Which i find very interesting and enjoyable. Indiana Jones movies are just exiting to watch whenever you feel like having an adventure.. I just love feeling adventurous and thinking i can myself find an adventure in this world.
    ana segoviano per.4

  6. Jacob Farrar
    the sequil I like when I was a bit littlerer was Harry potter. I think it is one of my favorite becuse my uncle uses to take me, my brother, and all my cuzens out to see it. I couldent w8 for a new movie to come out just so I can go watch it with my uncle. I don't know if ges coundbut if they do call of duty is the best sequil every. It started getting good at modern warefare. Then #5 came out that was the end of ww2 and the cold war and that was alright. When modern warefare 2 came out it was godly. Everyone loves the game and u can walk up to anyone in school and I bet u they play it and love it too.