Friday, February 19, 2010

Favorite Lines...

I'm watching my favorite movie as I type this (Pride and Prejudice), and have probably 10 favorite lines in it. What's your favorite book or movie line? Is it something well known, or is it an obscure little line that others might not notice?

Can't wait to hear from you,

~Anngela Schroeder

PS- Mine would have to be:

Movie- from Steel Magnolia's (one of my top 5 movies). "Janice Van Meter...looks like 2 pigs wrestling under a blanket."

Book- from Pride and Prejudice (top 3 books). "It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife."


  1. Oh my gosh i have seen that movie to because of course my mom and two sisters. I remember a line from steel magnolias where Melines husband says to weezer at shelbys wedding "thanks wezzer i like me a nice peice of ass". But my other favorite line in a classic movie i like would be a line said by Clint eastwood "You feelin lucky punk" and "are you going to stand there or whistle dixie". But my most favorite movie would be monty python and the holy grail and my favorite lines are "Its only a flesh wound" "come back here yo yellow bastards, ill bite your legs off" and "your mothrer is a hamster and your father smells like engleberries". Those movies are soo awesome.

  2. My favorite book line is from the Sarah Dessen novel Someone Like You. I actually ended up relating so much to the main character whose name was Halley. It was such a good book. My favorite line is a little long but, I think, perfectly describes my best friend Jackie and me, (if Jackie's name was Scarlett). "Scarlett was more confident, able to make friends fast, where I was shy and quiet, hanging back from the crowd. I was forever known as “Scarlett’s friend Halley.” But I didn’t mind. Without her I knew I’d be hanging out in the bus parking lot with the nerds. That was the destiny in store for me until the day Scarlett looked up from those white sunglasses and made a spot for me next to her for the rest of my life. And I was grateful. Because life is an ugly, awful place to not have a best friend."

  3. Josh--the part with the armadillo groom's cake that looks like it's 'bleeding all over itself.' Classic! I LOVE the joking that goes on between Maline's husband and Weezer.

    Haley--I love that line! I've never read that book, but that line in itself typifies the way so many of us feel but are unable to put down in words that moment someone comes into our lives. Brilliant. :)

  4. My favourite line(s) ((there be many))...are often comical in nature. Mainly because I find the most comical to be some of the most true(r) quips about life.
    My all time fave. is from Dickens, "Old Curiosity Shop" (it's my fave. novel...I think that's obvious by now) is Richard Swiveller talking to a visitor at the place he works at.
    Single gentleman: "...and the woman of the house, what's she?"
    Richard: "a dragon."
    that just kills me. I dunno, it just does, other faves comes from various shows- Monty Python- enough right there, and simpsons (Mrs. Hoover:*reading from a book to her 2nd grade class* And John Wilkes Booth snuck up behind Lincoln, loaded his gun and- *bell rings* school's out.*the class empties 'cept for Ralph who's hand is in the hand* Ralph: "Mrs. Hoover was Abraham Lincoln ok?" Mrs. Hoover: "He was fine, Ralph.")...Ralph's adorkable...
    -Camille "Yay it's working now" Arnaud

  5. I know this wont count for extra credit anymore, but my favorite line is from the movie stardust. i know this is so relivant schroe because we were talking about the movie today, but the is, "Of Course Im glowing, im a star, and what do stars do best?!?" This is when one of her friends figures out she is a star and she has this classy comeback in a cute, nice way. :)