Wednesday, March 3, 2010

LIfe is just a Mystery...

To quote one of the most loved characters in literature, "It seems like a rather blustery day." And what better activity to do on a blustery day than to curl up with a good book? The question the comes down to what book to grab? A mystery? Adventure? Romance? Tell me what your favorite genre is and your favorite author?

ON a blustery, rainy day, I must say that I love to hunker down with a good Mary HIggen's CLark mystery, a piece of raisin toast and some Ovaltine. That is the PERFECT way to read. All I need is a HUGE corner window seat, and my dreams would be complete. :)

How about you? Can't wait to hear your answer.



  1. My favorite genre would be sci fi because it tests your mind and sometimes makes you think if things could be. Like going farther into outer space or that there are other dimensions on this earth that we dont know about yet. My other favorite genre would be a mystery as well because it makes you think of the possible suspects of who could have committed a crime and if the criminal will get away or will good triumph over evil.

  2. I enjoy reading books that make you really think about life and what really is important in life. Books that challenge you to do more with your life and give true accounts of what a person has done to accomplish these challenges. I like true stories because then I can really look at it and be like wow this actually happened. Other books besides that would be cute innocent love stories where nothing is inappropriate, but cute and has a hint of an element of mystery in it.

  3. I love books that deal with happiness and life, yet has obstacles that make me mad. Also romance books, which i just love to read because sometimes i place myself in the situation. It is so fun to be able to imagine yourself when reading a great book. I love these kinds of books because i like when life obstacles are placed in someones life, and he or she finds ways to fix their life. I don't have any favorite authors basically i just read anything that interest me.
    ana segoviano p.4

  4. I love to read romance books. I like to read these books best because it tells about how people overcome their problems to be with that one special person. Another reason i like to read these books is because by the end you are so involved in the story and are so happy that everything worked. These books always have a happy ending which also gives hope when my life is going all crazy with the stress of everyday happenings.

  5. i absolutlely love mystery, who-done-it books. the one that make you sit on the edge of your seat! i love mary higgins clark.
    they need to have adventure so long drawn out and boring.
    i'd also like to add that i really like pride and prejusice lol
    i like the whole atmosphere that makes you think and wonder who did it?
    those are my favorite :)

  6. When I sit down and read a book, I always will pick up a Sarah Dessen novel. Her genre is kinda teen girl/drama novels. I relate to every one of her characters in different ways. I need to have a plot line I can fall in love with and characters who remind me of my best friends. Another great thing about her novels is it shows that no matter how terrible and messy your life gets, its possible to get through it. Her heroines always face real life problems and, with help from good friends and family, they are able to get back on track. That's why I love Sarah Dessen.