Monday, March 8, 2010

A Rose by Another Name ....

Language is a beautiful thing...whether it's English, French or Arabic every culture has significant words that affect people in so many different ways. What's profanity in one language can be a term of endearment in another. The idea of words as separate concepts within cultures and languages has always appealed to me. I've also been fascinated by the sounds of words and how they roll out of ones mouth. For example, doesn't 'wretched' sound so much more involved than 'bad'? Or even 'enraptured' as opposed to 'interested'? Even the sound is better. So, today I'd like to ask you what your favorite words are: they can be anything at all, but please remember this is a family blog...nothing you wouldn't want me to read to my 2 year old. :)

Thanks, and I can't wait to hear from you,

~Anngela Schroeder

PS: My favorite sounding word is: Mellifluous. I heard James Earl Jones say it on a TV show once, and it sounded beautiful. Heck, he could say cockroach and it would sound poetic, though! :)


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  2. My favorite three words are Peripheral, Simultaneously and Hullabaloo. I love the word peripheral because it just has the prettiest sound ever...:) and can be used in a variety of ways. I also like simultaneously because all the vowels are used in this word. I just adore Hullabaloo not only because every time i say it makes me smile, not also because it just makes me feel so childhood. I don't know why but words seem to have some magic in them, some make you feel sad others make you feel joyful. It seems as if they spoke to you, i love words, i don't know why, yet,most of the time i cant pronounce them, ha-ha....=)
    ana segoviano per.4

  3. Sometimes i say words that sound weird but i like so say them anyways like "flippin" and after i would add maybe another word to emphasise it, like "flippin awesome". I think that most people like to sound intelligent sometimes so in conversations i sometimes put in big words that people dont normally use and sometimes i even shock myself that i can use these words in the correct way without messing it up.

  4. My favourite word is schadenfreude. Schadenfreude is a wonderful German word, loosely translated as: "shameful joy" or "happiness at the misfortune of others". Which is a mouthful in English, but those Germans managed to get an expression and shortened it. Kinda.
    Other fave. words from the Aussie are: derranged, and mirander (sp?).
    Oh and straight from Camilles "dictionary"- confuzzled: confused + puzzled, and complixicated- complicated + well I don't know, i just threw it together one day. It's 'nother reason to use the letter "x".

  5. i dont know whether i have a favorite word...
    wait i'd like to say that i'm claiming
    supercalifragilisticexpialidoucious from mary poppins!
    i really like that song.
    other than that i like just flow of how langauges sounds i loved learning russian while i visted there and i just love the diversity there is. i especially love the love languages. now those are romantic :)

  6. My favorite words are: superfluous, numerical, miraculous, and humorous. I like the way each word sounds. When I heard the word superfluous,I did not think it meant useless. It sounded like something great since it began with super. I like the word miraculous because many miracles have occurred in my life. It is one word I use to describe God.

  7. My favorite words are ones with the same letter following each other. Not only does that make it easier to find in a word search, but then it's easy to make a mnemonic device. Like marshmallow has the double 'L' or Halloween has 'L' and 'E'. I remembering I thought I was so cool when I was younger for knowing how to spell "balloon" because it has all the double letters. I guess I don't have a specific favorite word, just a type of word.

    Love Haley #2

  8. I don't think that i have any favorite words. Whenever i am writing i like to make sure my wording sounds "pretty" so i guess you could say that i like the pretty words. A word that comes to mind right now is instead of saying "I lied about ______" you say "i embellished the truth about ______. LOL" It just sounds so much more proper and not at all like it was something bad. Something else that i use when i write papers is I love this website because it will give you tons of different words that mean the exact same thing.

  9. My favorite word would have to be indeed. Its unique and not many people use it. I found out about it when my cousin started using it when I was little. So wanting to be like my older cousin I started using it. It has stuck ever since.