Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Nine Down, and Nine Ten to Go! :)

So, my sweet Schro picked the boys up at the sitter's today and freed me up to stay at work and finish up chapter 9. I'm so excited that I can see things truly falling into place. I'm also grateful to my wonderful sister-in-law MJ who helped me out with her Criminal Justice knowledge on a particular part in the story. You rock, MJ!!!

With only about 10 chapters to go, I can definitely start getting ready for the conference in January. I just want this baby done, and at least the 1st 3 chapters edited before then. I have a good feeling about this!



  1. Good for you Anng! Keep it up. Your amazing. Can't wait to read this baby!

  2. Well, I've just finished reading all your posts on this blog and you are officially my new hero! Actually, my feelings for you hover between awe and jealousy; I dabble in writing myself. But you just rock. I am part of a wrting group and a friend of mine in the group writes for the QueryTracker blog. You should check it out: www.querytracker.blogspot.com