Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Colds and Kryptonite

I've been battling this cold for the last 4 days now, and it's really impeded how late I can stay up and write. Normally, I jump on the laptop after the boys have gone to bed and write until maybe midnight or 2am. But, not this week. No sooner than my boy's heads hit the pillow do my own eyes begin to droop. Why is mother nature toying with me? I've had 4 nights in a row where my monkeys have slept possible interruptions, but then BAM! I'm out like the proverbial light. :(

On a different note, the local paper is running an article about me today and my little hobby of writing. Hopefully it will help me with my endeavors and not be like the Cover of a Sport's Illustrated that often times is a curse to the one in the photo. But, I can't make a basket or a hole in one, so I think I'm safe. :)

Happy Day,

~Anngela :)


  1. Hey, Mrs. Schroeder! Absolutely love your playlist. How are you doing? My sister said she got switched out of your class. I told her she was totally missing out. I wish you were my English 300 teacher. (Nothing against my professor) You were my favorite English teacher of all time. Well, speaking of English 300, I should really be doing my essay. I'll come back and read your posts soon. Bye 8)