Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Hello, my loyal followers and friends,

I've decided to set up a new blog site because my writing is branching out away from just my 1st novel and series, "At Last." I'm working on new project tentatively titled "The Stone of Camelot," which should be completed by the end of October. I'm extremely excited about this and hope it can garner a positive response like my first manuscript.

Just to update you, I received word from the last agent I was waiting on, that although 'At Last' was witty, well written and character driven, there wasn't a break out concept which would propel it off bookshelves: It was just a sweet love story (minus vampires, werewolves, and a little boy with a scar on his forehead. :) ) Apparently with the economy, publishing houses are ALL looking for the 'next big thing.' I guess 'At Last' wasn't it.

So, I took a break from writing this summer, and was falling asleep one night when the proverbial muse hit me. I fell asleep, woke up the next morning and wrote the first chapter and a rough outline for "The Stone of Camelot."

I'm very excited about this concept and the 'world' that I'm creating with it. I'll keep you posted on what's coming up. Thanks for all your support and good wishes. :)


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  1. I'm so very excited to see this new addition! I loved At Last, and would love to find more of your work. The way you write is fun to follow, creative, and easy to visualize. I love that about your writing! Thanks for sharing and I hope to see that finshed project soon!!