Monday, August 31, 2009

The Hardship of Two Intellects. :)

So, I haven't been able to really work on my book this weekend because we're down to 1 computer in the house. My PC has basically given up the ghost, and my sweet husband has been letting me use his, but he needed it for school work most of this weekend. I feel guilty swiping it when I know his need will actually pay the bills, and my need will end up costing us money before anything else. (Writer's conferences, postage for query letters, copy costs, etc.)

He's a good man, though, and I'm excited to say I'll be getting a new laptop within a week or two. :) Then, there will be NOTHING to stand in my way. :)

It's 6am, and I've been up for 1/2 an hour finishing up a chapter. I'm so motivated to get through this, because it's something that I'd never have thought I'd write; almost like Danielle Steel jumping into a Louis Lamour writing contest--INCONCEIVABLE! (to quote a classic movie.)



  1. hey! found your blog today via good ol facebook... can't wait to read your posts!!

  2. ha! got the princess bride quote...any body want a peanut?